Beginning Days comes during the Last Days

What are the times we live in? Many people believe that we are in the Last Days as written in the Bible. There seem to be mostly negative and physical interpretations of this Biblical theme. We can get a hint of this belief by the many popular “Last Days” movies Hollywood is producing. But what about a positive interpretations? They aren’t so easy to find.

How does a pickpocket look at you? What does he see? He sees only your pockets. Why? Because, to a pickpocket, they are really the only important thing about you. When you hear the words “Last Days” what do you envision? The end of what is important to you? Most of us value most our physical reality, our stuff and money so it’s logical that we think of the Last Days as the end of those things.

However, I believe that the Last Days are over and the new days, first days or beginning days have started. You may understand from this then that my definition of the Last Days is not “the end of all the things I see and treasure around me”. The Last Days was the end of the old world, when people only cared for themselves and their stash. The Beginning Days is the time when people care for each other and the planet we live on. No, this is not an environmental blog. This is a blog about life in the Beginning Days. It’s about selfless and purposeful living. You might still care a lot about your stash, but you also know that life is a lot bigger than that.

Just as you cannot find the exact moment when the day overtook the night or when the spring overtook winter, you cannot find the exact moment when mankind’s selfishness were overtaken by selflessness.

Billionaires are giving away half their fortunes to charity. Millions of families in America give some money to charities. More and more people take action and care for the planet. Organizations such as Amnesty International and The Humane Society fights for the rights of people and animals. Most nations in our world have an endangered species act. Human trafficking is illegal almost everywhere. The Arab Spring is real. The trend is a world where more and more people and governments fight to “live for the sake of others” and find fulfillment, purpose and meaning in such a life and direction. We could not imagine such actions or such a world just 200 years ago. How about just 30 years ago? Is winter over then? Not totally but spring is definitely in the air! We are experiencing the intersection of the Last Days and the Beginning Days.

So welcome to the Beginning Days where evil (def. using others for my own benefit) is subsiding and good (def. using myself for others benefit) is rising. You are living at a time when mankind is finally beginning to take care of each other! Evil is being treated with disgust and the fight for good will continue until it rules everywhere and includes everyone!

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